Custom orders

Looking for something special? Have a skull you need to be mounted or displayed? Need something to match your curtains or an item you’ve been looking for and still can’t find?

Let us and our vast network of pickers, suppliers, and antique dealers help. We can find almost anything, build almost anything, and customize everything in between! Contact us today and let us help you keep it weird.


Pet memorial cleaning

We at the Lemur we love our furry team members and we know how it can feel to say goodbye. These days there are a lot of ways to celebrate the life of a loved furry family member and keep them close even after they have passed.

We offer some of our own, from hair sample necklaces to fully articulated skeletons. If you have plans to preserve a loved one in this way we ask that you contact us before their passing, this way we can tell you want to expect and what we will need from you.


Hunting Trophy Cleaning

Hunting season is always just around the corner, and custom taxidermy is expensive. We offer trophy cleanings and European mounts at very competitive prices.