What are Dermestid beetles?

Well besides our hardest workers they are an extremely common type of Coleoptera with over 700 different species worldwide, chances are you have a few in your backyard right now. Commonly referred to as Museum Beetles, Flesh-eating Beetles, or Carpet Beetles, They are used by Museums, taxidermist, and even hobbyists to clean bone better than any other method.


How many beetles does the Lemur have?

It’s not easy to count but our best guess is 500,000+ our colony can clean an elk skull in about 24 hours.


Why does the Lemur’s team use Dermestid beetles?

That’s an easy one, to save you money! Because we buy our skulls “raw” and clean them with our beetle colonies we cut out the middleman. No middleman, no markup thus you save money.


Do you ever get bitten by them?

No, they don’t like living……meat