Here at The Learned Lemur, we are a small team of lifelong oddities collectors fully dedicated to supplying others with unique antiques, oddities, natural history, osteology and more.

As collectors we are always on the hunt for amazing new items, and as collectors, we know that this passion can be expensive, that’s why we work our hardest to find the best deals at the highest quality. We have a worldwide network of suppliers, and we live for the hunt.

Are you looking for something new, or that dream piece you’ve been wanting for years? Let us help! You may be a phone call away from that piece you’ve always wanted.


Jonathan Alberico: Owner, Lead weirdo, Beetle Tamer

Native Coloradan, I was raised in an Antique store on South Broadway. As a kid I was taken to auctions at farms, warehouses, and auction houses. It wasn’t long before I was attracted to all the weird stuff. I’ve been collecting ever since.

First Oddity: A Human Heart Model from the 1920’s

Current Collection: Quack Medicine & Skulls

Favorite Band: Queens of the stone age & Social D


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Katherine Cloar: Head Skinner, Twisted Youth, Bone Cleaner

Raised in the backwoods of Tennessee by toothless badgers, I moved to Colorado 4 years ago.

First Oddity: Swift Fox Skull

Current Collection: Skulls and Bones

Completely made up fact about yourself: I once stabbed a Cougar to save my boyfriend.

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